No Delay in U.S. Small Shop Program! TikTok's Latest Response

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Sellers of friends eagerly awaited TikTok U.S. small store although at the moment can only open a local store, for cross-border store has been long-awaited, but a few days ago came the news to be postponed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TikTok has decided to postpone the full opening of the shopping platform in the United States. Originally planned to be released in early June, people familiar with the matter said the actual launch date could be pushed back further due to merchants' concerns about a possible ban on the app and a lack of acceptance of live e-commerce in the U.S. After initial testing with a small group of selected merchants late last year, TikTok had trouble attracting more sellers to open storefronts, postponing a second phase of expanded testing until the end of March, they said.

However, the news was denied outright by TikTok officials, who said "the launch of TikTok Shop in the U.S. has not been delayed," a TikTok spokesperson told the outlet. "We're committed to our test and learn strategy, and as interest in Shop continues to grow, we're excited to continue to expand our testing in the U.S. by inviting more businesses to join us."

Despite the outright official denial, according to TikTok friends around Burst, the cross-border mini-shop will be on this year, but definitely not next month, there's still some time to go. Regarding the recently mentioned TikTok small store class self-hosted full hosting business, the latest news is that this project will also be online in the U.S. small store, along with the local store and cross-border store presence, but will not have much impact on Southeast Asia.

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