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In recent years, insomnia has become one of the most common problems for younger people around the world.

According to YouGov and the Mental Health Foundation, 74 percent of Britons say they are too stressed to sleep from time to time due to the ongoing cost-of-living stress, tension and overwhelm caused by the economic climate, a trend that has been growing since the cost-of-living crisis erupted last year.

Meanwhile, a 2021 Centers for Disease Control study found that about 8.4 percent of U.S. adults take sleeping pills most nights to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.

Recently, a "sleep aid product" has become popular on TikTok, which has caused many users to scramble for it, and has also brought to the attention of the American brother an "insomnia group market" that is not usually noticed.

1. A sleep aid "body pillow" became popular on TikTok

In mid-April this year, a TikTok account named @trynukula released a "grass" short video that quickly became popular in just a few days.

This is a reply to a fan's video, the blogger used the video form to show people in anxiety, stressful emotions can easily lead to sleepless nights, and then for a variety of sleeping positions, can effectively alleviate anxiety, enhance the sense of security of the "body pillow" to carry the goods.

So far, the video has been viewed nearly 6 million times and has received around 540,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments from users.

From the feedback in the comment section, the product has been well received by many users, and the demand is very high, and many people feel that it is similar to a maternity pillow.


It is worth mentioning that the seller's account was created on March 26 and has been on TikTok platform for more than a month. Although only 58 videos have been posted so far, the brand's exposure on the platform is very high, and its keyword "nukula body pillow reviews" has been viewed 36.9 million times on the whole platform.

After gaining a lot of exposure on TikTok, the blogger directed traffic to a separate site, which was also created recently, by putting a bounce link in the profile box. Currently, 168 users have reviewed the product on the standalone site, with a majority of 5-star reviews.

In fact, the explosion of the "body pillow" is largely related to the huge insomnia community on TikTok.

In fact, more and more young people are now seeking solutions to insomnia on TikTok, from drinks to sleep tips to various popular sleep trends. ...... They have built a huge community on the platform, encouraging each other and sharing solutions to insomnia anxiety, resulting in a number of highly popular related tags.

2. TikTok's huge insomnia group economy

In recent years, the discussion of #sleeptips on sleep has been a popular topic on TikTok.

Currently, the hashtag #sleep has been viewed 26.6 billion times on TikTok. Most of the content on this topic is about anxiety about insomnia and how to get a good night's sleep.


The "insomnia" hashtag #Insomnia has also received a staggering 3.3 billion views.


It's safe to say that TikTok users have been crossing "barriers" to find various "sleep hacking" techniques in order to get a good night's sleep, and this has led to the emergence of a number of hashtag trends.

One popular hashtag on TikTok is #insomniachallenge, where they share their experiences of not being able to sleep at night and offer ways that might help them fall asleep. Under the #insomniasolutions topic, many users are dedicated to sharing ways to develop sleepiness to help overcome insomnia, including meditation, breathing exercises, and other methods.

In the #insomniamusic and #insomniastories topics, these users started with sound and visuals, such as sharing music that helps you fall asleep, including soft piano music, nature sounds or other types of relaxing music, and stories that help you fall asleep, such as light, funny, or meditative episodes.

In addition, a series of related product trends around "sleep, help sleep" is also rapidly gaining popularity on TikTok.

Last winter, a weighted "weighted blanket" quickly took the social media platform by storm, becoming a health essential for many insomniacs - not only for a good night's sleep, but also to reduce anxiety.

And influenced by the TikTok "sleep noise" trend, many TikTok users say white, pink and brown noise helps them sleep, relax and even help ADHD symptoms, directly making a "white noise sleep aid" in the U.S. small store The first sales ranking in the same category.


Also in March, a sleep spray that works on pillows was brought to life by TikTok users, with more than 27.9 million views on TikTok and even on Amazon, where it was once sold out of stock.


The "cloud bed", which has been popular since the summer of 2022 and is effective in improving sleep, is still a hot topic on TikTok. As of this writing, the #cloudbed has been viewed more than 165 million times on the platform and is likely to continue its popularity from 2022 and become the breakout product of 2023 in the home.

It is foreseeable that as people with sleep disorders are getting younger and younger, they are willing to pay for their own sleep. Coupled with the high popularity of various hashtags on TikTok about sleep help, such as #sleephelp, #sleephypnosis, #sleep, #sleephealth, etc., all of them are likely to become potential hotspots this year.

3. Sleep economy is re-emerging

Over the past few decades, the sleep economy has been on the rise globally.

The importance of sleep quality in people's lives can't be overstated, especially in recent years, as home time becomes longer and consumer behavior changes from viewing sleep as a luxury to a necessity, coupled with the effects of the global economic downturn and local unrest, leaving more and more people in a state of chronic high pressure, leading to the rapid spread of anxiety and insomnia in groups of patients.

Just the other day, RAND Europe, a nonprofit global policy think tank and research institute, found in a study that about 8 percent of adults in most countries in Europe and the United States suffer from chronic insomnia. In addition, people with insomnia would trade about 14 percent of their annual salary (about $7,700 in the U.S.) for a good night's sleep.


It is said that consumer demand is business opportunity, and if you have paid close attention to the relevant trends, it is not difficult to find that, driven by the TikTok trend, in fact, since 2022, there have been a number of sleep products that have been hit by the platform, gradually become a necessity of people's lives.

First of all, is the explosion of home textile bedding. For example, home textile bedding closely related to sleep, such as the aforementioned body pillows, cloud beds, weight gain blankets, and some health pillows, naturally became the focus of people willing to invest in buying.

In addition, consumers' awareness of buying lifestyle products with significant sleep-aiding effects has also greatly helped the market shift to more innovative products, such as technology products that can improve people's sleep quality, such as humidifiers, night lights, white noise sleep aids, etc., are now increasingly respected by consumers.

Today, sleep problems have become very common, and the types of sleep aid products and industry boundaries are expanding. From the global trend, the consumer of sleep economy is accelerating the trend of youthfulness, so TikTok, which has the largest number of young users in the world, may be the breaking point of a new round of "sleep economy" here.

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