Amazon Europe launched a new logistics tracking service

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Recently, the European site announced that a new service, Multi-Channel Fulfillment (Amazon Multi-Channel Delivery), will be launched to provide buyers with fast, reliable shipping and effective tracking options.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment offers four different options to track packages: on the Manage Orders page in Seller Central; tracking integration on popular channels through AfterShip; through the GetPackageTrackingDetails API, which provides all tracking IDs in multi-channel delivery orders; directly on, buyers can directly search for the logistics of the package and simply click on the email to confirm receipt after receipt.

And the main reason that prompted Amazon to launch the service was consumer feedback. In a previous survey, 73 percent of buyers said shipping had a strong influence on their purchase decisions.

As the e-commerce business continues to grow and advance, more convenient multi-channel delivery has become a very popular way to deliver orders. In this delivery model, sellers can ship goods to consumers through different channels. At the same time, there is a greater need to establish a set of effective tracking and in order to inform customers of the progress of orders and delivery status in a timely manner.

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