Energy IoT concept and characteristics

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Energy IoT strength to build a generation, storage, distribution and use cloud energy IoT integration solutions, based on the intelligent energy cloud platform, completely open up energy generation, storage, distribution network, energy use side, so that energy flow, information flow, value flow, and energy equipment, in the interactive, shared intelligent energy network interconnected, to achieve energy interconnection integrated control, and ultimately provide users with all kinds of intelligent, efficient energy services.

Energy IoT has a broader scope of application. Energy IoT is a kind of intelligent power saving control system and model based on environment and equipment sensing and intelligent prediction of working conditions, which can be applied to building energy saving as well as energy saving control of plant equipment and energy saving control of office field in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

The basic principle of Energy IoT is to achieve effective power saving through adaptive regulation of power and working status of motors and lighting equipment based on intelligent sensing of environment and equipment status. The key technologies include sensor network technology, common power saving model library technology, intelligent human-machine interaction configuration technology, and power saving control gateway technology.

Energy IOT technology application background analysis:

The innovation points of this technology include:

1. combining intelligent lighting and industrial energy saving to provide a common integrated power saving solution for commercial buildings and industrial enterprises;

2, common power saving model library and other expert system technologies make the system with accurate power saving control capability;

3、Use of sensor networks to collect information on lighting fixtures and industrial equipment and environmental information;

4. Using power saving control gateway technology to combine frequency conversion and other motor energy saving technologies with the sensor network, thus enabling energy saving control to be unified on the same platform and able to link up with other low-voltage appliances;

5. Using a combination of software and hardware to achieve intelligent control, the system takes into account the advantages of flexible software configuration and fast hardware response;

Industrial energy consumption occupies 67% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and the power consumption of many industrial production in China is higher than that of developed countries by about 10%; the power consumption of lighting in China accounts for about 12% of the total power consumption of the whole society, and the space for power saving is about 40% to 50%, and the corresponding domestic market development space is about 350 billion, which is still in the initial stage.

In recent years, through the integration and optimization of a large number of automation equipment and application research, to create intelligent distribution network (can support new energy access) overall solutions to improve the level of distribution network automation and power supply safety and reliability. For example, modern electronic technology, communication technology and computer technology are used to collect and integrate information such as user data and grid structure, so as to build a complete new energy power automation system and automate the protection and control of the distribution network and distribution equipment in normal operation, maintenance operation and accident handling, thus making the entire distribution network operation safe and secure.

Based on the characteristics of sufficient, safe and clean renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, coupling energy supply with combined supply of natural gas and biomass for cooling, heating and electricity, optimizing the layout and construction of integrated integrated energy supply infrastructure for multiple energy demands of end-users, and realizing multi-energy synergistic supply and comprehensive energy gradient utilization through hierarchical control and intelligent optimization and control.

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