LuckIOT is a comprehensive portal of IoT industry, timely delivery of IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other technology industry events, in-depth coverage of industry hotspots, new products and application information, release of IoT industry research reports.
LuckIOT provides a lot of industry information and IoT knowledge for users who are interested in IoT industry or IoT industry every day, with timely and rapid updates, and strives to become a deep and influential portal and leading online service platform in IoT industry.
LuckIOT welcomes contributions from enterprises and institutions in the IoT industry, and individual research experts in the industrial IoT industry.

Article requirements are as follows:
1, the Internet of things and related applications industry:
Sensors, IoT chips, board machines, industrial control, robotics, smart home, wearable devices, VR, smart travel, smart medical, smart cars, smart security, smart home, smart logistics, smart agriculture, smart buildings, system applications, IoT software, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other related industry fields.
2、Type of content:
(1) New products and technologies (the latest developed products and related parameters, roles, application areas and pictures);
(2) Solutions/professional papers (for problems and needs, propose an implementation plan to solve the problem);
(3) IoT technology white paper (product technical documentation);
(4) IoT market analysis (market development trend analysis);
(5) IoT corporate events (corporate acquisitions and mergers, large unveiling ceremonies, industry cooperation, etc.);
(6) IoT industry news (industry technology and technology forum, etc.).

New IoT submission instructions:
1, the content of the manuscript requires a clear point of view, adequate arguments, real data, logical and rigorous, accurate text, fluent, the word count requires more than 500 words (do not vote "one sentence news", will be unconditionally deleted).
2、New Material Union has the right to edit, modify and delete the manuscript, if the author has special requirements, please specify in the manuscript.
3、To prevent multiple submissions, plagiarism or plagiarism, if the news is reprinted, please try to indicate the source of the article, no main manuscript may be suspended from publication.
4、The authors are responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, timeliness, completeness and relevance of the submitted articles, etc. In case of plagiarism, infringement or other disputes, the authors are responsible for their own responsibility.
5. In principle, it takes 2 working days for the editorial office to review the manuscript, and if the review is approved, we will reply to the email in time.

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