China Internet Society: Be wary of the new AI face swap scam, someone was cheated 4.3 million

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  The Internet Society of China issued an article on its official website on the 24th to remind that the general public needs to be more alert and take better precautions in the face of new scams using AI technology.

  Recently, the Bureau of Telecommunication Network Crime Investigation of Baotou Public Security Bureau released a case of telecommunication network fraud using intelligent AI technology. The lawbreakers used AI technology to fake the voice of a specific person through voice synthesis, disguise as a specific person through AI face replacement, and make video calls with others in real time. The replaced facial expressions are natural and fake to be able to impersonate other people's identity to contact the victim and implement fraud after gaining the victim's trust.


  Recently, the application of "AI face replacement" is becoming more and more widespread, but there are suspicions of abuse, and even some people use AI face replacement to commit crimes, such as faking indecent videos, face replacement fraud. Not long ago, a man was cheated out of 4.3 million yuan in 10 minutes because of AI "face stealing".

  The Internet Society of China reminds that in the age of AI, text, sound, images and video may all be deeply synthetic. In typical scenarios such as transferring money and remittances and money transactions, verify and confirm by calling back the other party's cell phone number and other additional communication methods, and do not transfer money directly without verification based on a single communication channel alone, regardless of who the other party is. To strengthen awareness of personal information protection and prevent information leakage: do not easily provide personal biological information such as face and fingerprints to others; do not easily reveal your ID card, bank card, verification code and other information; do not be greedy for convenience to ID card, bank card photos and other direct co-storage in the phone.

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