TikTok e-commerce to launch a class of self-management model

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Recently, foreign media reported that TikTok will postpone the full launch of the U.S. small store time, which TikTok denied, saying that it did not postpone the launch and "will expand the test in the United States by inviting more merchants to join.

TikTok e-commerce practitioners analysis, TikTok Shop small store is expected to be fully released in the United States as early as June this year; and TikTok e-commerce will also launch a similar Temu class self-operated model.


Last November, TikTok Shop opened the U.S. station to apply for access, local merchants need an invitation code to join; in April this year, a wider range of open registration, but only for U.S. merchants, registration requires a U.S. passport, driver's license or U.S. company information, there are more stringent entry audit and risk control. According to the merchant registration page Q&A, TikTok Shop in the United States is still in the early testing stage.

TikTok Shop is divided into closed-loop and semi-closed-loop models, the former can be completed through the small store that is TikTok Shop in the application to complete the entire process of purchase, while the latter still need to jump to buy off-site. As the second largest e-commerce market in the world after China, many merchants are looking forward to the opening of cross-border sites, but there is no clear news yet. For now, it seems that the focus of TikTok's e-commerce business is expected to be more on local operators and the new model of self-operated.

On the other hand, there are reports that TikTok Shop is not doing well in the United States. U.S. tech media The Information reported in April that TikTok Shop's local investment in the U.S. was not going well, with the number of local merchants declining instead of rising as of March compared to the initial testing period.

The TikTok e-commerce, which focuses on short-form video and live shopping, requires a lot of localization, and local sellers have a relatively greater advantage in logistics and consumer service. Currently TikTok in the United States is still in the center of the storm, and the e-commerce market before Amazon, SHEIN and other mature platforms, followed by the raging Temu, TikTok e-commerce forward need to balance the scale and quality.

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