ChatGPT launches iOS version, accelerating the landing of AI applications

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1. ChatGPT launches iOS version with voice input support

  May 18, 2023, according to OpenAI's official website, ChatGPT officially launched iOS version, the first in the U.S. AppStore online, is expected to expand to other countries and regions in the next few weeks, and said it will soon launch Android version. chatGPT's APP-side page is simple and ad-free, supports cross-device synchronization of conversation records, and It is worth mentioning that the iOS version of ChatGPT integrates with Whisper, an open source language recognition system, and supports voice input including Chinese (Whisper is a speech recognition system trained by OpenAI and open source, which supports offline operation and 98 languages, with English recognition capability reaching (human level).

2. Downstream demand is strong, and traffic is expected to shift to the mobile side

  Domestic and foreign AI big models often need to be accessed through the web end, but in the era of mobile Internet, users have strong demand for the mobile end. Previously, the AppStore has many ChatGPT-like applications and AI applications that integrate ChatGPT official API. According to, users have spent more than $14 million on the top 10 mobile AI apps as of March 2023, and OpenAI also said in its Blog, "Ever since ChatGPT was released, users have been expecting to be able to use it on the go. The company's mission is to turn advanced research into useful tools that empower people and make it easier for users to access". OpenAI is the first to launch ChatGPT for iOS, which further facilitates users' mobile needs. It is expected that some of the web traffic and mobile traffic from other AI applications will shift to ChatGPT mobile.

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