Make short videos in bulk with the help of ChatGPT and gain revenue through self-publishing

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AI Money Making Project Breakdown: Batch Produce 100 Short Videos a Day with the Help of ChatGPT and Gain Revenue Through Self-Publishing

In order to keep pace with the new era, in 2023, we have been researching AI money-making projects (AI Explosive Writing Boot Camp, Partner, Private Board) and have achieved certain results. In the process, many AI money-making projects that one person can operate have been collected, organized and dismantled.

Today I would like to share with you - AI bulk video production for revenue.

How to make 100 short videos and write 100 articles per day with the help of ChatGPT. In the past, when I was doing self-publishing, I needed to recruit a dozen people to write articles, and each person could only write three articles a day, and the quality was not good enough.

But now, with ChatGPT, one person can do this task in half a day and the quality is still better. At that time, each person was also paid 4,000 RMB and received a bonus.

First, we needed to find the selected topic and let ChatGPT help us think about it. It is hard for many people to think of fifty or even a hundred questions for operating industries and products, but with ChatGPT, it can be done quickly. For example, if I want to find 100 questions for a public website, I just need to let ChatGPT help me sort them out.

Then, we re-enter those questions into ChatGPT to get the content quickly. All it took was a simple revision to quickly form an article. It's not hard to complete 100 articles in a day, and it's easy.

We can also have ChatGPT find the latest popular questions first, and then fill the content based on the questions. For example, if I want to find 50 popular headlines from Tiktok about the emotion category, ChatGPT can quickly sort them out.

Then, generate relevant content based on the headlines, and an emotional content article will come out. No matter what field you do, as long as your keywords are in place, ChatGPT can prepare the content for you in the corresponding field.

Once we have the article, we open the editing tool and find the graphic into a movie. This is a relatively powerful feature that allows you to convert text directly into video.

Many videos of project operations are made in this way. Import the content, the material select Smart Match, it will match the relevant content according to your content. In this way, we can generate a lot of desired videos in bulk and do video domination.

When you are proficient in these skills, it is still relatively easy to produce 100 videos a day. Able to complete the video and article, a book operation does not matter. Just enter the keywords you need and let ChatGPT write them for you, as long as your keywords are specific enough, the content is more on point.

Some people say ChatGPT doesn't know how to use it, but in fact, you need to test it more and study it more. No matter who you are, you can't do everything. You need to choose some categories according to the areas you operate, study them in depth, and contact ChatGPT to help you solve problems quickly, improve efficiency and gain more revenue.

In addition to the diversity of video play, such as AI for face, etc., more play to continue to share with you when you have time to follow! Still the same words, do not necessarily have, do not do must not have, have an idea to try to achieve.

Come on, upwardly mobile ordinary people!

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