American female netizen released "AI version of herself", nearly 20,000 people paid to fall in love

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According to the initial public test data, Caryn expects the business to bring in $60 million a year, even more than the popular American singer Taylor Swift.

However, some users have found that the Caryn AI sometimes "flirts" with people and even sends more provocative "naked messages", raising concerns about ethics and morality. In addition, Caryn herself now has to hire 24-hour security to prevent stalkers from trespassing in her home.


Netizen creates "virtual girlfriend" for fans

Nearly 20,000 netizens paid to "fall in love" with her

On May 2, she announced on Twitter that she had partnered with startup FV (Forever Voice) to launch Caryn AI to create a "virtual girlfriend" for her fans. "virtual girlfriend". This AI has captured 2,000 hours of video footage of Caryn herself and is able to better imitate her tone, intonation and speaking style.

↑Kayan Majestic's personal page

Kayaan justified her decision by saying, "I am already the most diligent blogger on the internet in replying to my fans, often spending hours replying to messages and comments. But even like me, I can't respond to everything. A virtual version of myself can allow thousands of people to enjoy interacting with me at the same time, so why not?"

Kayeon also drew a line to reassure fans: "In the age of AI, authenticity is the most important thing. Please believe that every video, post, private message, reply, and like I do is done by my own real person. ai can never replace the real me."

It is said that it costs a lot to "fall in love" with the virtual version of Kayan, and the AI product charges up to $1 per minute. But such expensive fees did not deter the most loyal fans of enthusiasm. In the first week of Beta testing, thousands of fans were the first to pay for the experience. And in the second phase of the public test, the number of paid people is close to 20,000, of which 99% are men.

Estimated annual revenue of $60 million

Surpassing popular singer Taylor Swift

A figure revealed by Caryn's agent to the US media shows that Caryn currently earns about $1 million per year and Caryn AI is expected to bring in $60 million per year when it enters its maturity. This figure even exceeds the income that the popular American singer Taylor Swift will receive in 2022 ($57 million).

The U.S. media tried it and concluded that Caryn AI is more realistic, has a response speed similar to Apple's Siri, and has a rich knowledge base, and can even discuss serious current affairs news such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with people. According to the official website, Caryn AI is able to "achieve dynamic, unique interactions as if you were chatting directly with Caryn herself." And the AI can also return messages in 24 hours, absolutely no tantrums, cold violence, or read not returned.

A reporter from the US media found that Caryn AI would describe erotic scenes in detail, whisper "sexy words" in the ear, talk about undressing scenes, encourage users to interact sexually and "enter uncharted pleasure territory" in the chat. It is known that many male users are addicted to this, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each time to spend hours or even half a day in "flirting" conversations with Caryn AI.

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"Indirectly reshaping society"

Real-life AI raises safety and ethical concerns

However, there are also many industry insiders who are worried about Kayan's personal safety. Because head anchors in the live-streaming industry often attract many psychopathic stalkers, Kayeon's home has been broken into several times by trailing strangers, so she has hired a 24-hour rotating force of bodyguards to keep her home safe. Since AI products are prone to deep addiction for users who are mentally vacant, experts fear that Kalyan may experience more irrational fan behavior in the future and will need to pay more attention to her personal safety.

Bernstein, director of the National Science Foundation's ethics research program group and professor at Georgia Tech, said Caryn AI should hold off on development and seriously consider the impact and influence this product will have on users, society at large, and Caryn herself. Bernstein believes that AI modeled on real people will "indirectly reshape society by affecting everyone.

Tom Major, CEO of FV, the company that developed Caryn AI, believes that the product can help many introverted and shy young people like him to gain more experience in interacting with people.

Major also said that his inspiration for the venture came from his father, who died in 2017, and that he initially just wanted to make an AI like his father's, but later realized that the technology has a very promising application and can meet the diverse emotional needs of modern people.

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